About Us

Welcome to Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens!

My name is Deirdre, or Deedee for short, and I discovered the wonderfully addicting craft of diamond painting—a mash-up of cross stitch/embroidery and paint-by-numbers—in 2017. 

A diamond painting kit comes with everything you need to create your work of art, including a pen-like tool used to place diamonds on the canvas.  This pen leaves a whole lot of room for improvement!  I found it difficult to work on paintings for longer than about 30 minutes because of hand cramps and discomfort.  At that time, this craft was only a year or two old in the United States.  Some internet searching showed that I had limited options for a more comfortable pen.

Now, my husband, Jeff, is a pretty handy guy and is always tinkering on various projects.  I suggested to him that we make our own ergonomic and practical diamond painting pens.  Here’s what we came up with.  Fast forward a bit, and in December 2018, Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens was born!  Jeff slaves away at the lathe, turning pens as fast as he can.  I get the word out and manage the Facebook group page that started it all, www.facebook.com/groups/deedeesdiamondpaintingpens. 

Deedee’s pens are ergonomic and comfortable to use, even for long periods of time.  Even better, they come in a huge variety of stunning colors and designs!  We source our acrylic and stone “blanks” from many of the same suppliers of materials for handmade writing pens.  We even have exclusive pens that you will not find anywhere else! 

New and seasoned diamond painters alike will love using a Deedee’s pen to complete their latest masterpiece.  And the pens have become a collector’s item as well!  Collect all your favorite colors so that you always have a pen to match your mood.