Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens

Designed with Crafters’ Comfort in Mind

About Us

My name is Deirdre –– Deedee for short –– and I fell in love with the art of diamond painting in 2017.  I found myself longing to work on my diamond paintings for hours at a time, but hand cramps and stiffness forced me to stop after only 30 minutes.

My husband, Jeff, and I decided to tackle the problem ourselves by creating a better diamond painting pen.  And in 2018, Deedee’s was born!

Our pens have a unique ergonomic design and are each lovingly handmade, so fatigue and discomfort never get in the way of your artistry.

Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens aren't just practical tools –– they are works of art themselves!  Choose from our dazzling array of colors and patterns to collect all your favorites.

Fair Pricing and No Delays

Unlike other manufacturers that have weeks-long waiting lists, Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens are available immediately.  Our pens always have the same beautiful, ergonomic design, and we guarantee that you will love using them.

Deedee’s is delighted to offer free shipping in the United States.  For international orders, we simply ask that you cover the majority of the shipping cost.  You won’t encounter any surprise surcharges here.

We love hearing from our fellow crafters!  We encourage you to reach out to us any time with comments, questions, or suggestions.  Crafting has brought so much joy into our lives, and we’re so proud to be able to share Deedee’s Diamond Painting Pens with artists around the world.